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The perfect nude lip can do the same for your face as what the perfect little black dress can do for your body. It has the ability to transorm, define and accentuate all of your best features, in a way that says ‘I am trying, but I am not trying too hard’.

Like many other girls, a nude lip has inadvertently become a signature look of mine, and I am on a continuous quest to find the right nude lip combination, which will help me achieve that desired perfect nude pout! Discovering the right nude lip products that suit all of your specific preferences can be such a huge struggle at times as there really is so much to take into consideration..Is it the right shade for my skin tone? Does it wash me out? Do I suit cooler or warmer tones most? What kind of finish do I want?! Ooh the hurdles we have to go through for the perfect, classic nude lip..It really is first world problems! 

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Step One || The first step to creating the perfect nude lip, is to start off by lining your lips with a neutral toned lip pencil..To get the most natural looking result, make sure the lip pencil is a similar shade to your chosen lipstick, otherwise it can end up looking a little too harsh. Lining the lips initially will make the world of difference to the overall finished look, because it really defines and accentuates the lips. Depending on how you want your lips to appear, you can actually use the lip liner to manipulate the size and shape of your natural lips to alter them to exactly how you want them to be..If you want to cheat your way to give the illusion of bigger lips, then simply use your lip liner to draw along the outer edge of your natural lip line (bottom and top), and this will make the lips appear larger and much more full. This is such a neat trick for us ‘unfortunate’ girls who have non-existent lips, however while over-lining the lips can offer many incredible benefits and it can look very flattering, it can also go extremely wrong if it is not done carefully, so be cautious and don’t go too crazy!

As well as giving definition and depth to the lips, lip liner will also improve the longevity of the lipstick that is layered over the top, so it will stay in place all day without budging, and the liner will also prevent any product from feathering over the lip line and on to the skin, meaning everything remains looking a lot more neat and ‘put together’ throughout the day. While I do not line my lips everyday, I am definitely an advocate of lip liners, and I do notice a difference in my make-up when I am wearing liner, compared to when I am not.

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Step Two || Once you have lined your lips and created the shape and definition which you want, it is time for arguably the most essential part of creating the perfect nude lip..The lipstick! No nude lip is complete without the perfect lipstick and the particular shade you chose will be determined by your skin tone and of course your personal preferences. Some people (mainly boys!) may look at ten similar nude shade lipsticks and think they are all the same, but it just is not the case..All nude lipsticks are different and each will vary in tone, texture, and colour. With nude lipstick being the whole rage at the moment, there is a mammoth amount of them available, and because of that it can be a tough task to try and choose the right one for you. When you are on the hunt for your perfect nude lipstick there are many different factors to consider..Your skin tone, your natural lip colour, the finish of the lipstick, the tone of the lipstick, the list could go on and on!

Finding the right nude lipstick for your skin tone is possibly the most important part of it all..“Any girl can wear nude lipstick, you just have to find the shade that flatters your complexion”. Just remember you want something that makes you look fresh, not something that washes you out! If you have fair-to-light toned skin, then think pink! A pink toned nude will really help to brighten up a pale complexion and it will offer a lovely, subtle pop of colour as well. For olive and medium skin tones, always opt for a nude shade deeper than your complexion..Avoid anything that is lighter than your skin tone as this will give the appearance of the dreaded foundation lips! Also, try something with peach-beige undertones to it, as this looks beautiful against a medium complexion. Deep complexions are suited to both milk and dark chocolate nudes, and a gorgeous berry toned nude will look incredible also.

As mentioned earlier, finding the perfect shade of nude is not only about your skin tone though, and your natural lip colour also plays a big part as well. It may be a challenge at first, but try to find a shade that is either identical to your natural lip tone or something one shade lighter, as this will offer the perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude lip.

The last factor to take into consideration is to do with your personal preference, and it is the finish of the lipstick. With SO many different finishes available now, (sheer, satin, gloss, matte, retro matte, frost, cream, creme sheen, amplified, lustre, name a few!) it can be quite overwhelming to begin with, but all you need to do is try on a couple of different ones and figure out which is best for you..Consider what it looks like on, what it feels like to wear, how pigmented it is, how long wearing it is and what its coverage is like. Once you determine exactly what you are looking for, finding your perfect nude lipstick will be as easy as pie!

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Step Three || To finish off the perfect nude lip, all you need to do is add a little bit of gloss..However, this is completely optional of course, and if you are more of a matte girl, then by all means, skip this step and just stick to the lip liner and lipstick duo!

Although I am not a regular lip gloss wearer, it is something that I do actually enjoy wearing occasionally..Especially in the Summertime! For me personally, I love wearing a very neutral pink-toned nude lip gloss as I feel it suits a fair-to-light complexion perfectly. If you do not want to alter the shade of your chosen lipstick by incorporating a lip gloss shade, you do have the option to go in with a clear lip gloss over the top..This is a great way to complete the perfect nude lip look, as it will not add any extra colour to your lips, but what it will add is a beautiful glossy finish, which looks lovely and feminine! As well as giving the glossy finish, similarly to lip liner, lip gloss is a great product to use if you are wanting to manipulate your lips to make them look fuller. All you have to do to achieve this is simply apply a small amount of gloss to the centre of both the top and bottom lip. Doing this is essentially like highlighting your lips..It will add light to the centre of lips, bringing that desired area forward, and the sheen from the lip gloss will instantly make lips looks more full. It is a great tip for enhancing what you already have, and it also looks more natural than over lining..In my humble opinion!

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I think it has become apparent over the past few months that I Love my nudes (cheeky!), and although it has taken me quite some time to figure out my perfect shade, I finally think I am getting there. After much deliberation I now know what suits my skin tone best and I know what finish and texture I prefer. If yourself you are struggling with finding the perfect nude for you, then simply test out different ones..different colours, different finishes, different textures, different undertones, and eventually you will find exactly what you are looking for, to give you your perfect nude lip!

What is your favourite lip colour? Do you like the classic nude lip, or do you prefer a something a little bit more bold and daring?


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