My name is Alicia Amy Jones, I am a mid-twenties personal blogger based in the heart of Shropshire, and I have extraordinary enthusiasm for Fashion, Photography and Writing. My interest in Fashion became apparent at a very young age. I would sit for hours in my mother’s closet and I would be completely mesmerised by all of the patterns, styles, colours and textures that surrounded me. Years later, from those inceptive moments, fashion still continues to be something that never fails to captivate me.

My passion towards the fashion industry truly ignited when I reached High School. During my time of studying Textiles, I realised that a career in fashion was my sole ambition. I excelled in my Textiles Design studies and afterwards I went on to work for major high-street retailer, Topshop. After just a short time of working for the brand I was promoted to a Team Leader position, and as I quickly progressed with the company I then got asked to take on the role of Visual Merchandiser, which turned out to be a job role which I enjoyed immensely. During this time of working for Topshop, I was introduced to the fascinating world of Blogging, and back in 2014 I established my own personal blog, Covering a variety of topics including Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, my website aims to offer its readers the latest on the subjects which they enjoy most. Creating my own presence online has enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the Fashion Marketing industry, and blogging has opened my mind to the powerful relationship between society and social media. I enjoy blogging profusely and it is something that I hope to continue with throughout my career in fashion. By embarking on the relevant studies and gaining that work experience within the Fashion industry, I have been fortunate enough to acquire considerable experience in both the Design and Marketing sectors of the Fashion industry. In doing so, I have been able to make a clear decision on which sector I personally see myself working best within, and after plenty of consideration, I now realise that a job within the Marketing field is best suited to me and my skills. Being 100 percent focused on doing everything I possibly need to do in order to achieve a career in this industry of work is what lead me to enrol at the University of Chester in September 2017 to undertake the Fashion Marketing & Communication course.


Marketing is all around us. Whether you recognise it or not, it is there. Watching an advert on the television, hearing an advert on the radio, seeing someone carrying around a branded shopping bag..It is all marketing. According to Phillip Kotler, “Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value, to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit”.  It is a human activity which is directed at getting potential customers and clients interested in the products of services which you will be offering out to them. The process involves businesses working with markets, in an attempt to actualize an exchange procedure. In the fashion industry, Fashion Marketers oversee the branding and the advertising of a company’s new or existing products. Fashion Marketing is the application of a range of techniques and a business philosophy that centres upon the customer and potential customer, clothing and clothing-related items and services, in order to meet the long-term goals of the organisation (Easey, M. 2009). Getting the right goods and services, to the right people, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price and with the right communication is the fundamental part of marketing. As well as finding clever ways to dispose of what is being created, building genuine customer value is also in the art of marketing..It is great to form a rapport with customers as they want to ensure they can trust the people who they are purchasing from. To help further my knowledge on Fashion Marketing and Communication, the University course which I am undertaking will aid me to engage with the communication of contemporary global fashion market issues, challenges, opportunities and needs, in creative collaborative ways. By studying a range of fashion-related disciplines and learning theoretical and technical knowledge, I will develop the appropriate and relevant communication solutions which will guide me in the future when working with fashion brands and markets in the industry.


Fashion is an eternally evolving outlet of self-expression, which enables you to define yourself without having to speak a word. To me, fashion is a body language. It is a non-verbal form of communication that can portray a message about one’s self, and an individual’s unique style can tell a story about themselves that even a complete stranger could read. Clothing is no longer just a commodity; it is a form of identity, and this is why the Fashion Industry appeals to me so much! The reason that I have decided to study Fashion Marketing and Communication at University is because I have always had a significant passion for the Fashion industry and since a young age I have known that this is the career path which I wanted to pursue. Even though I have a substantial amount of experience within the Industry already and I have had the chance to carry on working up to progress further with different companies, I believe that you can never be over educated, so I wanted undertake the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and enhance my expertise through further education, to hopefully expand my career options in Fashion for the future. I aspire to play a pivotal role in the future of the fashion scene and I feel that this course will enable me to do so. I recognise that Fashion Marketing is going to be challenging but I have the confidence in myself that I need, and I am positive that my ambition will give me the motivation I require to succeed.


At this initial stage, I believe that it is hard to define the exact job role which I wish to have in the future. There is an abundance of elements within the Fashion Industry to specialise in which intrigue me, and which I would love the opportunity to experience in more depth. By exploring each and every option available to me more, I hope that it will help to eventually solidify my firm decision of the precise route in which I would like to strive towards. I believe that this Fashion Marketing and Communication course will give me the opportunity to research more into all of the different directions I could potentially go in and I have faith that I will discover a role which is perfect for me.


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