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“Whether you are a blogger already, you are aspiring to start up your own blog, or you are simply just interested in the online world, then Blogosphere magazine is the perfect choice for you.”

For years now, all of us have been buying magazines; And whether we want them to read the stories inside, to keep up to date with the latest news, or to simply admire the imagery, it is undeniable that there is just something quite satisfying about having a good magazine to flick through.

When I was younger, it was all about the likes of Sabrina the teenage witch magazine, Mizz magazine or Girl talk magazine. The older I got, the more interested that I became in the more ‘mainstream’ magazines, such as Elle, Vogue and Bazaar. Now in more recent years, I have been captivated by a whole new magazine on the market, and it is unlike any other that I have read before. This is, Blogosphere magazine.

Blogosphere magazine was first launched back in October 2013, by Alice Audley. It is publication which is written by bloggers, about blogging, for other bloggers to enjoy. Because after all, no one really understands a blogger quite like another blogger does, don’t you agree?!

With articles about all things blogging, it contains expert insight, exclusive advice and a whole load of inspiration.

I first discovered Blogosphere in 2016, when it was announced that my most favourite blogger, Victoria McGrath (Known as, In The Frow) was going to be the cover and the main feature of the September issue. Of course I purchased it imminently, and I could not wait to receive it.

At first I was not sure what the magazine really was, but I was intrigued to discover what Blogosphere was all about. By this time I had only been exposed to this online world of social media and blogging for roughly two years, so it was all fairly new to me. As well as reading and following other people’s blogs, I was also casually blogging myself. It turns out, Blogosphere was exactly what I needed to help me progress further.

Being a magazine that is full of insight, tips and tricks, advice, and interviews from both established and new bloggers, it is perfect for people who are already in the industry, people who are aspiring to be a part of the industry, or even for the people who are just admiring it from the sidelines.

After just one issue, I was hooked. There is so much to love about Blogosphere, and I could not wait to read more.


Although many of us often do not know when to ask for it or how to accept it, it is undeniable that advice is something that we all need in life. And whether you are just starting out in a new industry, or you have been working in the same career for a number of years, advice should always be welcomed as there is always something to gain from it.

One of the main attractions of Blogosphere magazine is that as well as offering amazing photography and an insight to lots of different bloggers, it also offers exceptional advice on all aspects of the blogging industry as well. Do you want to know how to grow on Instagram? Blogosphere. Do you want to know all about affiliate links? Blogosphere. Do you want expert advice on how to succeed? Blogosphere. It is the ultimate blogging bible.

Honestly, I have learnt so much over the last couple of years, just from reading the different bits of advice in Blogosphere. And I always try to put everything that I am told about into practise, in hopes that it will help both me and my blog to grow and develop within the industry. Yes, I often get advice off of friends and family as well, but it is actually really nice to have the opportunity to be given advice from fellow bloggers too. To hear their perspectives on things and to see how they work so valuable, because more often that not, they will have advice to give that you may have not even thought about in the past.


As bloggers we are constantly looking for inspiration. Whether we gain it by attending fashion shows, by wandering around the streets of a new city, by reading magazines, by reading blogs, by watching youtube; We always want to be inspired by whats around us. After all, being inspired is the key to having the motivation to move forward and progress.

Scrolling through social media is usually a good way of gaining inspiration from time-to-time. However, when it comes to Blogosphere magazine; It completely oozes inspiration on every single page you turn to. Flicking over to a new page to discover incredible photography, exceptional writing, real-life experiences, in-depth success stories; it is just full of inspiration, from front to back.

Personally, I find the majority of my inspiration by reading the cover interviews and the blog posts that are included within the magazine. The interviews and editors pages are not only entertaining, but also really inspiring too. Seeing other bloggers reach new heights, and being able to watch this magnificent community is so uplifting; And in turn it gives me the motivation that I need to continue doing what I love; Blogging. It really is amazing how just reading the magazine can spark new ideas for a number of blog post that you have not even considered before. I feel inspired to create more content after every issue I read.

Blogosphere magazine
Blogosphere magazine


One of the most powerful tools of blogging is asking questions. Lots of questions. Whether you’re asking your readers, other bloggers or anyone else that you are talking to online, asking the right questions to the right people can really give you a push in the right direction to success. A simple way of asking questions and gaining insight from others is to conduct interviews.

For every issue of Blogosphere magazine, there are a number of exclusive interviews which take place with a number of different bloggers and content creators. Each interview that they do discusses all of the things that us readers really are desperate to hear about. The interviews are not just ordinary chats with basic everyday questions; Blogosphere really dig deep into conversation with each blogger and they get answers which allow us to get to know the blogger on a deeper and more meaningful level than what we could over a blog post. They talk about things that matter; Negativity, mental health, politics, sexuality, humanity, ethnicities, body positivity and much more. It is an extraordinary opportunity for these bloggers to use their voices, to share awareness to others and to share their personal experiences too. When reading the interviews you can tell that the blogger talking has tapped in to their thoughts, their emotions and their feelings, to give the most genuine answers they can. It really is amazing to read.

I love the fact that they use these interviews as a way to talk about blogging by giving their advice and sharing their expert insight, as well as to talk about themselves on a personal level as well. Blogosphere’s interviews are a way for us to learn about other people as well as learning from other people. It is incredible.


As well as the thousands of people who are already working within the blogging industry, there are also an abundance of new individuals who are just starting out in it every single day as well. From when blogging first began, it is something which has progressed massively. People have become more intrigued with what it is exactly, others have wanted to try it out for themselves, and now, it has emerged into this booming industry which is growing by the minute. Honestly, I am not sure anyone ever thought that the industry would grow to quite the size it is now. Every day I discover new people who I have never come across before, and it still blows my mind every time I think about how many people actually do this, whether it be their hobby or their job.

Typically, the people which I discover on a daily basis all do come from Instagram. What with the explore page and the hashtags and the sharing, it is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to find other bloggers. However, with how large Instagram is these days and with how many users the platform has, it is impossible to find every blogger out there. Especially with the new algorithms prioritising certain accounts. So, even though I find new bloggers every single day, I often find that the people I read about in Blogosphere are not the ones that I find on Instagram.

I can guarantee that with every new Blogosphere magazine I receive, I will come across at least one blogger whom I have not come across before, and I always find a handful of new people to follow; These are often people who end up being some of my favourite bloggers as well. Of course I have my old personal favourites who I love to keep up with and I never miss a post from, but it is definitely nice to mix it up and discover new people with new imagery and new ways of writing too. Not only is it good for inspiration, but it is also such a lovely feeling to support someone new and to see them progress further throughout their blogging career.

Blogosphere magazine


Being diverse and having an abundance of variety in their content is one of the key reasons behind why I enjoy every issue of Blogosphere so much; It keeps it interesting, it keeps it fresh, and it keeps me wanting to read every future issue which they create.

Unlike many other magazines where you have to buy multiple brands for individual categories; one for fashion, one for fitness, one for food, Blogosphere has it all. Everything that you want to read about, all in just one magazine. In total they cover nearly a dozen categories, so I can guarantee that no matter what specific area of blogging you are interested in, you will most likely find an entire section dedicated to it somewhere amongst the 160+ pages of Blogosphere magazine.

Each category inside blogosphere is separated in to its own individual section within the magazine, so everything is all kept grouped together, making things simple to find and easy to read. For every issue of Blogosphere, a ‘managing editor’ is chosen to oversee each category. The editor is typically a blogger who specialises in the specific category which they have been chosen for. Their role in the creation of the magazine is that they have to pick their top five favourite bloggers (who come under the same category), to be featured within their section. Each individual feature is one full page and it includes a small insight in to who the blogger is and what their blogging style is like. The feature consists of an information box about the blogger, which informs us on everything that we may be interested in finding out about them, and also a snippet of one of their blog posts as well, which includes their writing and some of their imagery too. This is a great way of sharing bloggers work with the rest of the Blogosphere, as not only do we get introduced to who they are, but also to how they write too. It is almost like a little advert for each blogger to showcase their work.

As well as incorporating a variety of categories in to each magazine, they also include a variety of people too. Blogosphere magazine isn’t like many others today, which feature supermodels and millionaire celebrities from all over the globe. Blogosphere highlights and celebrates relatable bloggers, who come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. There are bloggers of different races, backgrounds, interests, abilities and skills; It doesn’t favour a certain type of person over another, which is really incredible to see in 2018.


In this somewhat lazy generation that we are in now, we always look for the easiest way of doing things. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Now, I understand that magazines in general are one of the most easily accessible forms of mass media to us as they are available in pretty much every super market, petrol station and local corner shop around. However, blogosphere is slightly different, as it doesn’t even require you needing to leave the house; It will be delivered straight to your door for you. Does it get much easier than that?

All you have to do is simply sign up for the subscription service online, choose your payment option, add in your address details, and submit your order. That is it, done. It literally takes 5 minutes to complete, and then all you have to do is wait for the magazine to land on your door step every three months. Blogosphere will also send you an email every year to let you know when your subscription is running out and is due for renewal, so you won’t miss out if you forget! They offer such a convenient service and it really is as easy as it sounds.


One of the most invigorating things I find when reading an issue of Blogosphere magazine is how real everything about it is. Real stories. Real people. Real thoughts. Real advice. Blogosphere is just, real.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that in theory, most magazines are all about real people and real stories. Although, I truly feel like Blogosphere do things differently and a lot more openly in comparison to most. I tend to find that in some circumstances when individuals do interviews for other magazine brands, that they are often told to word things in a different way, or to not talk about certain subjects. It is all about protecting themselves and their career; Which, I understand completely. However, the bloggers which are interviewed for Blogosphere, never seem to have an issue with talking open-minded on exactly what they are thinking and how they are feeling within the industry. The don’t sugar coat the nitty gritty details; they share and they let us know. Every interview is raw, in-depth and completely real.


Being present in a world that is predominately online, it is often extremely hard to switch away from it and take some time offline. I know that for me personally, I am never too far away from my phone or my macbook, and I am forever checking in on my social medias, my emails, my blog posts; There is always something to check on. As a blogger, the online world really does have the ability to consume you. And as frustrating as that can sometimes be, we also never like to take too much time away from in case we miss something.

What I really love about Blogosphere is the fact that rather than being an online resource, it is a printed publication. Yes, I know that blogging is supposed to be all about being online the majority of the time, but for our own sanity, sometimes we don’t just want to be searching from page to page. Sometimes, we just want to take half an hour to sit down, with a cuppa tea, a biscuit and a good magazine to flick through. These are the little things in life that we appreciate!

Although blogosphere magazine is offline, and is away from any screen or internet sources, it is still packed full of information about what is happening online within the blogging community. So, we are able to keep up to date with events, with bloggers and with brands, even when we step back from our phones and our computers. Blogosphere is the perfect outlet to explore the world of blogging but without having to actively search for it.

Blogosphere magazine
Blogosphere magazine


Blogosphere is an essential magazine for bloggers, content creators and influencers, and it is the perfect guide for independent-minded people who want to build their brands and social channels. For me, Blogosphere is like my bible for blogging. It is my go-to for inspiration. It is my go-to for advice. It is my go-to for information. It is my ultimate blogging tool.

If you are interested in Blogosphere magazine yourself, then you can sign up online to subscribe here. It is £30 per year (or £8 per quarter), and for that price you get four magazines per year which are beautifully designed, beautifully written and beautifully executed. Subscribe today and join the community; You won’t regret it, I can promise you that!


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